Evan Cunningham-Dunlop - CEO of website design and development agency Perth

Evan Cunningham-Dunlop

Ceo And Founder

As the pioneer behind Perth Website Studio, Evan fearlessly charges into uncharted digital frontiers, spearheading the agency’s bold vision to shake up the status quo. With battle-tested experience across digital marketing, business consulting, and broadcasting under his belt, he’s the captain steering this ship into awesomely uncharted waters. Evan is the maverick personifying the agency’s renegade spirit of crafting killer websites for rule-breaking businesses near and far.

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Brenda Ledwith - Digital Website Operations Manager Perth

Brenda Ledwith

Digital Operations Manager

Brenda is a digital rockstar, ascending to shine as a website wizard after conquering website projects locally and across the globe. She rallies the troops towards award-winning glory with her black-belt leadership skills – claiming “Best Website” status time and time again on the international stage. Brenda’s tireless commitment to web excellence guides the agency to stomp the competition with jaw-dropping websites that exceed every expectation.

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Steven Lim - Website Project Manager Perth

Steven Lim

Digital Project Manager

Steven has levelled up his project management game for 10+ years, specialising in wielding strategy, account management, and project mastery. He assembles teams of heroes to manifest ambitious visions, vanquishing obstacles by harmonising talents. Steven is the MVP quarterback steering website projects to triumph, annihilating limitations with his technical kung-fu and commitment to stakeholder happiness.

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Stanley Nugroho - Perth Senior Web Developer - AI

Stanley Nugroho

Senior Web Developer

With 12+ years mastering web development sorcery, Stanley reigns supreme as a programming rockstar. His PHP, CSS, JavaScript and WordPress expertise allows him to meticulously craft spellbinding code experiences. Stanley strikes the perfect balance between coding logic and creative vision to conjure website magic that bedazzles users and amplifies brand stories.

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Dale Sutton - Web Developer at Perth Website Studio

Dale Sutton

Web Developer

Meet Dale, the dedicated PHP sorcerer at Perth Website Studio. With over a decade of crafting digital wonders, his expertise spans across many content management systems and the intricacies of CPanel. Currently exploring the enchanting realms of new frameworks, he blends technical finesse with creative flair to conjure functional and visually captivating web solutions. Rooted in humility and fueled by a commitment to perpetual growth, he aims to always exceed expectations, turning each project into a canvas for spellbinding innovation.

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Thomas Fide - Web UX Designer Perth

Thomas Fide

UX Design Specialist & Web Designer

Blending backgrounds in Film & Media with design dexterity, Thomas crafts captivating digital odysseys. His 10+ years honing graphic and web skills help him build UIs and UX flows that mesmerise audiences and amplify brand legends. Originally hailing from the UK, Thomas charts intuitive customer journeys through research insights and visual storytelling sorcery to create magical experiences.

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Paul Ballardin, Perth Website Designer, Developer & Strategist

Paul Ballardin

Head of Strategy & Consulting

With 16+ years taming business beasts, Paul brings his A-game strategising to reveal hidden opportunities. After a decade dominating web development, UX, optimisation, and digital marketing, he’s a sensei unveiling pathways to success for business rookies and pros alike. Paul deploys his passion for cracking marketing conundrums to orchestrate kick-butt solutions.

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Kerri Bugden - Website Managing Consultant Perth

Kerri Bugden

Managing Consultant

As a seasoned marketing sage, Kerri leads teams in crafting groundbreaking strategies across digital and traditional realms. With achievements across global titans and local upstarts, she wields data, design, development and consulting mastery to multiply business value. Kerri empowers the agency’s consultants to concoct marketing magic that helps clients prosper.

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Caterina Marcellini - Senior Website Design Consultant Perth

Caterina Marcellini

Senior Digital Consultant

Caterina is a digital maestro, conducting impressive marketing results across diverse B2B/B2C industries. From construction to coffee, she works her magic to transform brand stories and brew meaningful connections. Her commitment to excellence allows Caterina to compose holistic digital symphonies that amplify essence and cultivate success for clients.

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Glen Panarese - Website Design Consultant Perth

Glen Panarese

Digital Consultant

Glen brings multi-sector digital marketing power, honed through daring local and global missions. His passion for fusing data-fuelled and creative strategies enables him to achieve epic outcomes across advertising, education, real estate, events and more. Glen’s innovative approach pushes boundaries to architect remarkable online experiences.

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Elliot Woods - Website Design Consultant Perth

Elliot Woods

Digital Consultant

Elliot has mastered the art of campaign mastery over 10+ years, specialising in engaging audiences. His affinity for spearheading data-driven, results-focused advertising generates killer ROI across diverse channels. Elliot’s dedication to blowing minds helps him craft campaigns that captivate and defy convention.

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Victoria Rebolar Novikova - Website Design Consultant Perth

Victoria Rebolar Novikova

Digital Consultant

Victoria fuses media production, design and dev mastery to provide all-star marketing solutions. With experience across non-profit, eCommerce, and B2B realms, she drives growth through sensational customer experiences. Victoria’s purpose-led approach helps script impactful brand sagas that reveal rad possibilities.

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Leila Chapman - Website Account Executive Perth

Leila Chapman

Account Executive

With global brand and retail dexterity, Leila is a connector sparking growth for clients. Her decade specialising in business development allows her to forge meaningful partnerships across gaming, eCommerce and digital. Leila’s wealth of expertise and collaborative spirit helps guide organisations to new heights in the evolving online landscape.

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