What is web design?

Web design is all about creating the perfect digital front door to your business. It’s so much more than colours and fonts – it’s strategically arranging elements, text, imagery and videos in a way that grabs the attention of website visitors and convinces them to become customers. It has the power to elicit emotion and inspire action, because let’s be real, the online landscape is TOUGH.

Your website needs to look slicker than a penguin in a tuxedo, navigate smoother than butter on a hot skillet, and convert harder than a double espresso on Monday morning. Yes, the competition is intense out there, but guess what – with the right website design, you can have your very own lean, mean, lead-generating machine fighting for you 24/7. The right website design isn’t just pretty pixels, it’s your key to business success.

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What is web development?

Web development comes after that pretty website design has been created. It’s the factory behind the scenes, turning that flat 2D design into a responsive, interactive masterpiece that your website users will love visiting. It combines front-end development (what users actually see), and back-end development (the cogs that make things work, like forms, online stores and database). It can involve connecting your website with other platforms, like CRMs or email marketing platforms to make your business life easier.

Web development is more than just making things work – it’s about creating an experience that’s as smooth as silk and as reliable as your grandma’s cookie recipe. That’s why choosing the right web development agency is crucial for your business, and can be the difference between a burnt disaster that once resembled a biscuit (and turns away potential customers in droves), or a mouthwatering delicacy that is irresistible to the hungry (hungry for your business that is!).

How much does Perth website design cost?

How much does a website cost? Ah, the million-dollar question, almost literally! A website in Perth can cost as little as a designer t-shirt, or as much as a designer car. It’s a combination of variables such as complexity, features, customisations, integrations, and most importantly, quality. Yes, you can go with a cheap Perth website agency that outsources it overseas, but when it fails to generate you leads and sales… well you might have just paid for the equivalent of a digital doo-doo. A more expensive website however can more than cover its costs, and return a strong ROI, when it’s designed right with the user and your business goals in mind.

A website isn’t just a purchase, it’s an investment in your business’s expense. Don’t just think of the price tag, think about the value that it can bring. When getting quotes for a website design from Perth agencies, make sure they’re helping you understand how it will generate more business for you.

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How long does it take to build a website in Perth?

How long does it take to do anything? The time depends on many factors – how busy your web design agency is, how busy YOU are (because you’ll be needed to provide feedback and potentially provide content and other assets), the size of the website, the complexity of it, and so much more. Building a website in Perth, or anywhere in the world, isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation. A simple website might take only a few weeks, but a more complex website might take a few months. Quality takes times!

On average, a standard website with Perth Website Studio takes 2-3 months, which includes discovery, design, development, testing, and content creation. Smaller websites, we can turn around faster. When shopping around for a web design agency, make sure you discuss timelines, expectations and turnaround time to ensure you get a winning website that will last the distance.

What does a Perth website designer do?

A Perth website designer is the person that brings your vision to reality, a digital architect if you will. They artfully combine colours, layouts, and user experience to create a visual masterpiece that captivates and converts. They translate your brand’s essence into pixel-perfect designs to craft a first impression that will leave your website users wanting more. They get into the mind of your ideal customers, and create an online journey that appeals to their problems and their desires, while showcasing your business as the shining light at the end of the tunnel.

From creating a new website from scratch, or turning a tired design into a modern piece of art, a website designer should be your best friend, turning visions into visuals, and contemplators into customers.

How to choose a Perth web design agency

Perth is lucky enough to have an abundance of agencies promoting their web design services… but finding the right one for you can be as difficult as pulling out the perfect match at the start of a speed dating event. So get your blind date on – but go in with a plan. Look at their portfolio of past websites they’ve designed – do those sites look like something you want for your brand? Check out client testimonials, case studies and awards to make sure that others love their web designs as much as the agency does!

Then get personal – chat to them and find out more about their process, timelines, communication, and more. Of course, budget plays its part, but remember that quality often trumps a bargain. Ultimately, it’s all about trust – that gut feeling that says “This is the agency that will bring my digital dreams to life”.

The ultimate breakdown on how to choose a Perth website agency is this way…

Why hire a Perth web design agency?

Hiring a web design agency in Perth isn’t just a choice; it’s a strategic move that can bring in more leads and sales than you ever thought possible. A great web design agency should be ablet to design and develop user experiences that seamlessly convert website visitors into loyal customers. From a first impression that will pull users in, to providing a fast, responsive experience, through to compelling call-to-actions and a value-added journey, your agency should be blending that bridge between your brand and your audience.

By hiring a web design agency, you’re not just getting a nice website and that’s it. They can be there to help spin up landing pages for new campaigns, add new integrations or functionality, plus so much more. Their experience saves you time and headaches, letting you focus on what you do best.

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