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The Client

One of Western Australia’s most well-known auto mechanics, AutoBahn’s iconic red and green service centres can be seen dotted across the state. Their world-class service centres support local communities and suburbs by providing reliable, trustworthy, and friendly car servicing and repairs from expert mechanics at an affordable price.

While they have a loyal customer base due to their honest and friendly service, they knew the time had come to match their much-loved in-store service with an equally seamless digital experience.

Autobahn's locations page on their new website designed and developed by Perth Website Studio

The Problem

While they were known for their amazing customer service, AutoBahn’s existing website was falling short due to its clunky navigation and lack of clear content structure. Their service centres were the frontline of the business, allowing new customers to easily discover their local centre and connect with the store managers, but these pages needed an overhaul to better communicate their value and advantages.

Moreover, the website didn’t reflect the large number of positive testimonials and feedback the company regularly received. Along with this, it was difficult for customers to find their nearest Autobahn centre, and then book a service or repair there. User experience analysis revealed that the online booking form proved to be too overwhelming for many website visitors, which was costing AutoBahn easy bookings, and customers.

The Solution

AutoBahn needed a new site with an improved UX to help customers navigate the website content, find their nearest service centre quickly, and easily book a service. It also needed to clearly communicate the creditability, friendliness, and expertise of both the individual service centres, and their store owners.

Autobahn's wireframe and UX planning for their new website design

Designing Solutions

Our experienced team created personas for the 6 most common types of customers, identifying their biggest pain points, and then mapped these to their individual journey through the site to arrive at their desired solution.

From here, the wireframes and designs were created, being sure to highlight the individual store location pages with their interactive maps, ensuring the booking form was prominent throughout, and that testimonials were used frequently to help build credibility and trust.

Autobahn website home page designed and developed by Perth Website Studio

User experience was the focus throughout, from design to development. The booking form provides an easy, intuitive way for potential customers to book in their cars, speeding up their online booking process. Meanwhile, the navigation redesign now guides visitors through a smooth journey from website arrival to appointment. Behind the scenes, we meticulously optimised site speed for lightning-fast page loading times.

A New Website Built With

Simple booking, sensible navigation, and speedy performance combined to put customers back behind the wheel – not scratching their heads – at every digital touchpoint.

  • Responsive Design
  • Google Maps API Key
  • Interactive Booking Forms
  • Fast Loading Times
  • Built for SEO
  • High-Performing Website
  • Defined User Journeys
Autobahn booking on their new website design by Perth Website Studio

The Results

The end result of this website redesign project was a website as speedy and reliable as the AutoBahn mechanics themselves. Now customers can find the perfect location and book their car service faster than technicians can change an air filter. AutoBahn, serving drivers online like they’ve served their community for decades – now that’s service done right.