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The Client

Parallel Riverfront Apartments is one of Laudis Development’s newest apartments, perfectly located close to Perth city, with the Swan River at its doorstep. With construction coming to a completion, it was important that all apartments could be sold as quickly as possible.

Parallel Riverfront Apartments - Parallel Living - Page - Desktop

The Problem

While Parallel’s riverfront apartments were stunning, their old website was failing to drive sales. The appearance wasn’t high-end and didn’t differentiate themselves from the many competitors in the same immediate area.

The site also didn’t showcase the breathtaking views of the Perth Stadium, City, and beautiful tall trees, which were key selling points of the apartments, and was still using outdated renders when photos of the established apartment were far more attractive.

Along with a visual revamp, the apartment developers, Laudis Developments, wanted the new site to have a WOW factor, driving website visitors to take conversion actions at each point of the sales funnel, from top- and middle-of-the-funnel actions such as downloading floor plans and brochures, through to booking a viewing or enquiring for more information.

The Solution

After research indicated we should target high-end personas instead of first-home buyers due to the price point, which was higher than competitors, the new website had to be designed to focus heavily on showcasing the unbeatable location and views through rich imagery, with emotive text throughout to appeal to buyer’s desires. But first, planning into how these buyers was needed to lay the site’s foundations.

Sitemap of Parallel Riverfront Apartment website design

Designing Solutions

In order to create a website that could successfully generate leads, user journey planning was a critical component that heavily influenced the design, page structure, page hierarchy, and where and how the call-to-actions were used throughout.

From here, engaging elements throughout the website were utilised to appeal to what the prospective buyers needed from Parallel, such as interactive floor plans which allow users to get a better feel for the apartments and real-time availability.

There is also a 3D viewing of the apartment complex, which takes users on a visual journey to explore their new home before leading them to download floor plans and brochures, submit an enquiry, or book an appointment to view the apartments in person.

Parallel Riverfront Apartments - UI Design - Homepage

The logo was redesigned with a more luxurious feel in mind, playing off the apartment name. Website headings were even designed to appear as though they were a reflection in water, another nod to the development’s name and location. Slim, elegant arrows were often used as a design element overlaying two sections, designed to create flow and harmony along with falling leaves appearing subtly across the page.

An Interactive Website Built With

The new Parallel website was not only stunning, but it was a high-performing conversion-led sales tool, speaking directly to prospective buyers and guiding them to take action. It allowed them to stand out from competitors and take back buyers who were getting swayed by the websites of neighbouring developments.

  • Brand Elevation
  • Responsive Design
  • New Logo Design
  • 3D Apartment Walk-Through
  • Interactive Floor Plan
  • Tailored User Journeys
Parallel Riverfront Apartments - WordPress Web Development - Apartment Booking UX

The Results

The strategic research and strategy, the stunning imagery, and the heavily emotive text appealing to the luxury buyers seeking the lifestyle that Parallel could afford them, resulted in a successful website design that met the client’s requirements.

The new design and the results it achieved also led to Parallel winning the Platinum Award for Best Website at the Summit International Awards (Marketing Effectiveness Awards).