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The Client

InteliCare, an innovative Australian healthtech startup, embarked on an ambitious mission to empower vulnerable individuals to maintain independence in their own homes while ensuring their safety and dignity. With a commitment to enhancing the quality of care and support, InteliCare collaborated with Perth Website Studio and our parent brand, Living Online, to spread awareness about their groundbreaking smart home monitoring solutions.

As partners, we aimed to illuminate the path toward a safer and more connected future for seniors, individuals with disabilities, and those needing specialised care.

Website design for Perth company InteliCare

The Problem

InteliCare faced the challenge of pioneering a groundbreaking smart care solution in a market yet to grasp its potential. As newcomers, they needed to not only introduce their innovation but also establish connections with investors, B2B partners, and end-users.

With intense competition, their digital presence, notably their website, had to be efficient, comprehensive, and captivating. As the core of their digital campaign, the website had to become an immersive, user-friendly hub, tailored to diverse user personas.

The Solution

InteliCare needed a new responsive website that could communicate the specific solutions and benefits to investors and each of their B2B and B2C customers in an engaging, enjoyable way.

Wireframes for InteliCare's website designs

Designing Solutions

Through an extensive user persona development and journey planning process, we identified a number of website users that all had a clear journey through the site leading to their intended call to action.

These included B2C clients (such as families and carers, or the end-user themselves), B2B clients such as healthcare providers and aged care facilities, as well as investors and stakeholders in preparation for their IPO run.

The user journeys of each group were mapped out, and the website was designed to cater to each of these and their unique requirements.

Home page design of InteliCare, built by Perth Website Studio

The website was designed with strong branding and imagery for that all-important brand awareness. The benefits and solutions InteliCare offered were presented in a number of different engaging ways throughout the site, including text, imagery, video, animation, and interactive elements.

A New Website Built With

The WordPress website was created with a strong focus on messaging and providing optimal user experience, with many great interactive elements and effects. Fast, responsive, and fun to use – this website ticked all of the boxes.

  • Responsive Design
  • Interactive Elements
  • Built for SEO
  • High-Performing
  • Dedicated User Journeys
Responsive mobile web design for InteliCare

The Results

When InteliCare’s sleek new website went live, it ignited a flurry of interest from ASX investors and set consumer word-of-mouth ablaze – immediately proving the strategic redesign a sensational success.

This health-tech company wasn’t the only one who fell in love with their new website. The site went on to win several national and international awards for the strategy that went into it, and the stunning end result.