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The Client

After years of success under the esteemed Strategic Property Group banner, real estate expert Trent Fleskens and his team were ready to introduce their latest venture: Strategic Mortgages Perth.

This new sub-brand was born from a desire to offer specialised mortgage guidance to Perth residents looking for the best independent brokers to help them navigate one of life’s most significant financial decisions with ease.

Armed with a wealth of experience and an impressive list of lenders in their back pocket, Strategic Mortgages Perth were ready and primed to secure their position as Perth’s trusted finance broker.

The Problem

The launch of a new sub-brand under Strategic Property Group called for a carefully implemented website experience and marketing strategy that would adhere to brand standards while establishing itself as a distinctive entity within the group.

In a landscape where mortgage broker websites often blend together, differentiation focused on prioritising exceptional UX design with a strong Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) foundation.

The Solution

The solution was a website that efficiently guided users to discover and discuss the ideal mortgage products for their needs, while effectively showcasing the credibility and expertise of their mortgage brokers, and driving organic traffic and leads.

Designing Solutions

From our initial website sitemap and SEO research we created user journey maps that visualised the visitor flow across each mortgage product and would result in a conversion point so users easily could accomplish their primary goal.

Following persona development and user journey mapping, we crafted high-fidelity wireframes to outline content and functionality for each page. This process prioritised user needs and journey before moving to visual design and content integration.

The content strategy was designed to consider users at all stages of the conversion funnel. Trust signals such as reviews and third-party contributions aimed to build confidence and credibility in the new brand, while the use of podcast recordings, videos, and written guides all worked to convey the depth of experience Trent and his team have in the industry.




The website design emphasised a clean and professional aesthetic, adhering closely to the parent brand guidelines to maintain consistency in the colours, typography, and overall visual style familiar to the Group’s clients. Utilising the brand’s primary orange colour strategically guided users towards key actions.

Large, full-size imagery played a pivotal role in establishing a modern and bold look and feel, enhancing page headers and critical callouts with a cohesive visual language that unified all brand assets visually.

A custom website build.


The WordPress platform, combined with a strong UX and SEO strategy, offered an incredible advantage when it came to supporting the journey for key customer profiles.

  • Built For SEO
  • Responsive Design
  • Embedded Podcasts & Videos
  • Fast Loading Times
  • Targeted User Journeys
  • High-Performing Website
  • Responsive Design

The Results

The outcome was a creative and highly functional WordPress website that effectively addressed the challenges Strategic Mortgages Perth faced.

It boasts a user-friendly design and human-centered experience that is welcoming and personal, while building trust in the skills and expertise of their brokers.

This website serves as a valuable marketing tool, introducing the new brand to the Perth market and acting as a powerful SEO engine to generate organic leads.