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Tanks For Playing is a pioneering online game that redefines multiplayer strategy through its innovative integration of web3 and blockchain technology. It burst onto the crypto gaming scene in the early 2020s, thanks to the vision of Dr. Aaron Alderman and his team of crypto gaming experts to reshape gaming norms.

As anticipation for Season 2 reached a fever pitch in early 2022, the team at Tanks For Playing prepared for the next exciting phase of their game release. Recognising the need to engage both crypto enthusiasts and casual gamers, they saw the importance of revamping their website design to appeal to both audiences.

With a new set of dynamic gameplay elements and play-to-earn features built into the Season 2 release, the Tanks For Playing team knew they needed to transform their website into a powerful marketing tool with the potential to truly make an impact.

The Problem

In the build-up to Season 2, Tanks For Playing encountered a multifaceted challenge that demanded a bold solution: their current website, while functional, lacked the pulse-pounding excitement and futuristic edge synonymous with their game and player base.

With Season 2 poised to introduce a plethora of exhilarating gameplay elements and play-to-earn features, the website needed to do more than simply inform – it had to immerse visitors in the heart-pounding action and strategic depth of Tanks For Playing where success would be measured in both game downloads and the purchase of crypto game tokens.

For their website to be a lucrative weapon in their marketing arsenal, big changes were needed – and fast.

The Solution

Tanks For Playing needed a visually striking, seamlessly branded one-page website for their online presence to make a big explosion. This new website had to appeal to gaming novices, crypto enthusiasts, and everyone in between.

To create an experience with such diverse appeal, the first critical step was designing the website architecture and user journeys using sitemaps, user flow charts, and wireframe designs.

Designing Solutions

This user-centric approach laid the foundation for an exceptional user experience and guided content communication decisions in the wireframe design. The website’s hierarchy and structure were carefully mapped out to maximise user engagement and value.

Strategically placed calls-to-action throughout the user journey optimised conversion rates and provided engaging content that resonated with new players.

The website design solution captured the essence of the game’s dynamic multiplayer strategy by blending high-tech allure with gaming intensity. Vibrant hues, reminiscent of classic gaming interfaces, are seamlessly integrated with bold game assets from the Tanks For Playing universe, creating an immersive visual experience.

Bold typographic styles, animated graphics, and rich, engaging content take users on an exciting journey that appeals to both gamers and crypto enthusiasts.

Influenced by the season 2 brand guidelines, the design strikes a delicate balance between gravitas and playfulness, mirroring Tanks For Playing’s unwavering commitment to delivering a top-tier gaming experience.

With updated branding and captivating visual aesthetics, the one-page design ensures that Tanks For Playing’s online presence commands attention, piques curiosity, and captures the attention of new gamers by bombing them with a tank-shelled size of explosive fun that’s impossible to avoid.

An Immersive Gaming Experience Crafted with

Built with WordPress, the one-page website prioritises responsive usability across all screen sizes, ensuring an immersive experience for each user. Integrating interactive game elements and effects, the site employs a fast and efficient web framework that minimises unnecessary bloat, resulting in swift loading times and a seamless user experience on every device.

  • Responsive Design
  • Strong Brand Identify
  • Interactive Elements
  • Third-Party Marketplace API Extensions
  • Product Roadmap
  • Fast Loading Times
  • Embedded Videos To Elevate Experience

The Results

The release of Season 2 surpassed expectations, earning high praise and interest from their loyal following. The immersive website design, smooth user interface, and addition of interactive assets resonated with casual gamers and crypto enthusiasts, leading to increased engagement, better brand recognition, more game downloads, and steady growth throughout Season 2.

The upgrades to the Tanks For Playing website transformed it from an outdated tool into the marketing super weapon they needed to boost crypto-gaming awareness.